Solitary Confinement

Solitary confinement in a camp in the “Marble Gorge” in the Kodar Mountains in eastern Siberia

In this video you can see how we process field documentation to create 3D models. It is a solitary confinement in a camp in the Marble Gorge. We used one of the photogrammetry techniques called “Structure from Motion” for documentation. As its name suggests, it consists of creating a three-dimensional structure based on two-dimensional image sequences - a series of photographs that capture an object from different angles.
Although a number of other tasks are required to produce the final result, this technique is an extremely effective way of documenting - recording the current state of objects - and creating an accurate 3D models of the objects of the Gulag camps.
The field documentation was made by Lukáš Holata, its processing was carried out by Jindřich Plzák.

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