Punitive labour camp

This punitive camp is located some distance from the remnants of the railway embankments and is relatively inaccessible. It does not appear on a military map that otherwise contains the majority of former camps along the so-called Dead Road.

The atmosphere at this labour camp is grim. Prisoners were sent as punishment to the camp, which had a stricter regime. Regular barracks have bars on the doors and windows (in other camps this is not the case) and the doors were likely locked from outside at night. Alongside a solitary section the grounds of the camp includes another large jail surrounded by both barbed wire and a wooden fence. A virtually intact guard tower stood there in 2009. Convicts carried out regular work at this camp, albeit in relatively strict conditions.

Subordinate to: Ermakovo, Gulag Construction no. 503 (Dead Road)
Mapped: August 2009

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