New Year's letter

A New Year’s greeting for 1953 that we found unburned in the stove of an abandoned camp.

Dear Lenya, a few words about myself. I’m living as before, no change. I haven’t aged much, but my eyesight has quite gone and my feet hurt terribly. And the weather is bad here – very humid.

I get three-hundred and fifty-one roubles a hand, more than before. As I’m alone, it’s enough for food. But when I need to buy something I forego food or sell something I don’t need. That’s how I live, but it’s not so bad.

Wishing you all the best for the New Year and good health, a lucky hand and successin the New Year. Only spend time with good girls and enjoy yourself, dear Lenya. I’m sending you a heartfelt, loving greeting.

I received your letter, thanks, though letters from you take a long time, two months. I also wrote to you that I receivedfrom you my letter with a note saying that the addressee had moved. I sent you the note so you’d be convinced. I’m happy for you, Lenya, that even if mother hasn’t taught you well they’re teaching you at the camp how to live and listen to your elders. I was at the post office and they told me there that the package had arrived. Perhaps it hasn’t got to the camp yet. It couldn’t disappear because I insured it. Dear Lenya, ask them at your post office to inquire at the municipal post office...

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